Welcome to the Exclusive Collection of Inspirational and Motivational Quotes by Gino Norris. Do note that All my work is exclusively copyright and NO Commercial Gain of any kind is allowed.


You don’t get a second chance to place your worth first

Here you will find the complete and exclusive collection of Inspirational Quotes, Motivational Quotes, Life Quotes and more, By Author – Gino Norris.

I intend to inspire you and my words is my way of bringing understanding, and encouraging progress for all who wish to bring out the very best in themselves. I hope I can share in your Journey.


This website is intended to inspire you and my words is my way of supporting, but gently challenging you to undertake the journey to bring out the very best of you. The words on these pages has been crafted – to represent my truth, my learning and my understanding of the human condition – for your personal use. I hope you find value in them and do share in and let it move you, you are unique and my wish is to help, through my thoughts, in you being the very best you want to be. I love to share and contribute to a more just world, but please do remember these are all exclusively copyright to Gino Norris, Globally. Some though, pay scant regard to this request, so I have a simple understanding of it. IF YOU ARE WILLING TO TAKE MY WORK AND MAKE IT YOURS, I AM ABSOLUTELY WILLING TO TAKE YOUR MONEY AND MAKE IT MINE. My motivation is in giving and you will find, of that I give freely, and I hope I can inspire you. Let me thank you for stopping by.

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