Welcome to the Exclusive Collection of Inspirational and Motivational Quotes by Gino Norris. Do note that All my work is exclusively copyright and NO Commercial Gain of any kind is allowed.

Thank you for your interest in getting to know me. I am Gino Norris, and the thoughts conveyed throughout this website is a reflection of my interest, my learning and my understanding

Hi, and Welcome

Do feel welcome to share in and empower yourself and find what is of value to you.

I love life, freedom to express myself and to give of myself.
I bring about as an Author, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Counselor, Coach, Rebel, Thinker and my own Boss.
The thoughts in these pages exist because, I have been fortunate to walk many beautiful moments, have shared in many silent experiences, my learning embraces many knowings, My Truth straddle many divides and these offer me the freedom to create without bounds…

My formal knowing – you can read about here, may explain my journey, though I love nothing more than contradicting expectations as it leaves me totally free to create life’s lessons and deliver them with conviction, through my quotes.

I enjoy aloneness, a space to think, new learning, and challenging the impossible. My excuse is being an INTJ personality [when it is in your understanding, it is, great to meet you] that let me be unapologetically me, with the knowing this world and it’s issues can be fixed, but I prefer doing it through my thoughts, my meaning and my words.

The toxic world the web has become prompts me to disclaim that my work shall not become a justification for causing hurt to and of another in whatsoever way, direct or implied, nor shall it seek to enable the franchised or to the disenfranchisement of another. I have no one to impress, I have no axe to grind or anything to prove, and I seek no affiliation to, or enslavement to any, and I will tell my truth on thoughts pertinent against hurt in any shape or form. My goals, my mission and assertions are my own and you derive your truth from my work as per your own guise.

I hope to offer you a safe spot here, to be your true self…to explore and be free to confront your truth and subsequently to gain the endeavour to become the best you…I hope I can accompany you on your journey and be that silent understanding…

Let my thoughts find you…

With respect


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