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Gino Norris Book of Daily Success Quotes


Are you hungry for success and want to be inspired?

Success is something that most of us desire in some form. Some of us are able to motivate ourselves quite easily towards a goal, but for others, we need a daily shot of inspiration.
It is no exaggeration to suggest that just a few well-chosen words, each morning, could mean the difference between success and failure.
This book, is packed full of such quotes, for each of the 365 Days of the year, and…


This Gino Norris Book of Daily Success Quotes will:

* Give you a source of positive inspiration at your fingertips
* Provides you with the means with which to shape your future
* Provide the perfect start to every day
* Give you a boost in confidence and conviction
* Help you rediscovery of the potential in you
* Offer a platform upon which to build your success
* Comes in a handy 5 x 8 inch size so you can access it easily and instantly
* Encourage you to be inspired every day toward your success
* And much more…

This book is for anyone who is looking for nuggets of inspiration to propel them forward. It does not matter what your age, gender, career or position is, or any other aspect of your life for that matter.
All that is important is that you take something from each quote and use it in a positive way to change your prospects.

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