Welcome to the Exclusive Collection of Inspirational and Motivational Quotes by Gino Norris. Do note that All my work is exclusively copyright and NO Commercial Gain of any kind is allowed.

#1: Life and death is a precarious now

Life and death is a precarious now

gino norris

Life is always on the edge of death. This quote is at pains to explain that we are never outside of the awareness that we are finite in our existence. Life as we live it to our fullest, or in its more simplistic terms, living life ‘simply’, still carries with it that life could end at any time, and for any of the myriad reasons that we could perish as individuals or as our collective.

The probability of one’s demise at any time, or for whatever reason life could be cancelled for us, is to alert us to appreciate what we have, to cherish our selves and our collective, and be thankful that we are alive.

Death though is simply the other side of that edge that balances out the equation. Our focus on the now and that life is happening now, helps us keep that fire burning, to keep the enthusiasm and hope growing that there is so much to experience, and at the same learn to increase our wisdom that living is an experience to make, ‘not having it any more’, more ok.

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