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#10. When you have it in your makeup, beauty is within

When you have it in your makeup, beauty is within

gino norris

I like the stir this one is causing and probably enough reason for you to hate me. The fun part is, I would never know of your upset, for if whoever is upset reads my truth correctly, it all makes extra sense.

Makeup is to imply – who and how you are.

Nothing to do with lips or face enhancements, but the stuff that makes us, well, Us. Beauty is rather the real thing that makes us. The stuff of inner strengths and skills, what makes us human or in this case a woman, or man if you prefer.

Beauty includes the freedom to be you and unapologetically so. I love to see the wacky part that is reserved for mornings before coffee or days off and long tees and socks.
These are the hidden gems of beauty and feeling free to be and do as you want, with no one to impress and no one to be accountable to.

I hope you increase that inner makeup with all that good stuff, but do add some makeup too 🙂

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